07 December 2010

Ninja Hickies and Rug Burn

You naughty people! Get that image out of your head right now! Sheesh, creeps.

Tonight at Kempo class we were on the ground a lot. Most of the time, actually. I'm not very tall, but I am wide, so being on the ground is okay, but moving around, or getting my wideness off the ground is a bit of a challenge. At least I didn't have on the extra gravity gi today. Left that at home.

First we did Over-Unders. One person gets in push-up position. Their partner crawls beneath them--army style. Then the person on the ground lays down. The crawler then jumps up and jumps over them. Just when you think you're finished, you do it again!

I mentioned that I'm wide. Well, thick might be a better word. Belly crawling on the ground with your elbows and toes is delightful, just wonderful. That's where the rug burn came from, my elbows are all scratched up. I did manage to keep from knocking my little, tiny partner over with my extra large bum, which was good. And I didn't fall on her or anything. She, at least, had a good night.

After that fun was over, we did grappling. Wait, let me clarify, we did grappling techniques. One of them included the choking technique that results in the Ninja Hickey. Hopefully I avoided that, but who knows what tomorrow morning will show. Oh the stories I could tell . . . Ninja wanna be has fun!

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