12 December 2010


As if I'm not confused enough as it is . . .

I've been madly editing my novel. When I get the chance, I take it to work and edit during lunch. Thumb drives are great, can I just say that? However, apparently last week at some point I did some editing at work . . . and forgot to save it to my laptop at home. So today, after some serious noveling this weekend, I'm reading through chapter 4 and get to a paragraph I'm pretty sure I deleted.

Drat. (Not what I thought, but I'll edit—for the kids)

I shut the laptop down. It was a good three hours before I dared start it back up, retrieve my thumb drive from my purse and work up the fortitude to start comparing the two files.

Hopefully I got it all. Grr . . . I was doing so well too.

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