08 November 2010

Back into the Fray

Back to real life. Real life isn't nearly as fun as sitting around in St. George, writing. Well, sometimes it's fun, but not today. Monday after a week off . . . I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

The real trick is to keep writing. Even after a long day of work, laundry, my niece's birthday party, cleaning, snow and Castle, I have to keep writing. One of the pieces of advise that Dave Farland gave us at Death Camp is to find a time of the day in which you can write. It probably works best if you write at the same time every day, but unless I got up early ever and did it there would be no way I would be able to write at exactly the same time every day.

I've never really tried to write before I'm fully awake. Who knows what might happen?

Anyway, I finished typing up my revised outline tonight. Tomorrow I hope to go through it and add a few more notes. I think I'm a little afraid to start writing on my novel again. Every time I start I have to change a bunch of things. I'm tired of re-writing the first 30 pages. Maybe I'll start on page 31.

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