17 October 2010


Someone asked me how the movie was . . . this was my response.

It was pretty much awesome. By far my favorite movie of the summer. It was funny, there was plenty of gun play, that hot guy from New Zealand (the one who plays Bones in Star Trek) is in it, the plot was practically believable, we got into a spirited discussion about whether or not a certain stunt is even possible (I still say it might work), Bruce Willis made fun of hot guy's "Cute" hair, there were a couple of brutal fight scenes, people practically healed over night (it's a miracle!), someone heated up bullets on a gas stove, Richard Dryefuss got smacked, the girl wasn't nearly as stupid as first suspected, they went to a library, the vice president (in the film of course) cried like a little girl, I laughed about a hundred times and I will definitely buy it when it comes out.

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