12 October 2010


I've finally begun the revisions on my novel. Well, I started a couple of weeks ago, and got about 15 pages into it, but then I stopped. Came to a screeching halt. Life sOooo gets in the way sometimes . . . and I don't even really have a life. Maybe I need to get one so I can really complain! Joking, I'm joking people, sheesh, relax.

Anyway, the novel goes on. It won't be finished with round 2 before I go to the writing conference in a few weeks. Wow, I hate saying it like that. Halloween is at the end of the month. Writing conference is the week after that, Thanksgiving is just down the road from that, and before you know it Christmas is here—and who can ever figure out where all that time goes? Tell me that! Actually, if you could tell me that you should probably write a book, do a You Tube video and get rich. Please cite me in your credits.

To be quite honest, which is what I seem to be best at, I'm having a hard time focusing again. Still. Is someone putting shinny things all over my house? What about my office? In my car (that could be dangerous, by the way)? On my computer? They're all very pretty, really, but I'd like to go back to my OCD ways now, if you don't mind, so please take all the shinny things back. Okay, all but one . . . or two. -)

See, no focus. Terrible. I'm going to go not focus on something else now.

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