23 September 2010

Ninja Wanna-be has a Scare

Tonight I strolled into the dojo, glanced into the office and almost dropped my stuff. Not only was my instructor in there (which is pretty normal) but so was his boss, a 5th degree black belt (I think he's got 5 stripes). Yikes! This is the guy who, at my first advanced belt test, made us to a total of 450 push ups because the little kids in the group could not figure out how to line up properly. It took us 45 minutes, all those push ups and by the time we got it right he was in a really, really bad mood. Lucky for me I was still a low rank an didn't have to go outside to the killing ground like the brown belts. Oh, and don't forget he ran the black belt test I took last year. Was he back for more? Decided I didn't make the cut the first time?

To look at the guy you'd never think, “Hey, that guy can totally kill me.” Nope. He's not very tall, shaved head, strawberry blond goatee, average build, nice smile. . . but never, for one minute forget that he probably thinks of new things to do with the martial arts while he's eating his breakfast. And, he can kill you.

I'm still not sure why he was there, but he did run class, which was awesome! He's way cool, but much less terrifying when you're not on a test. We learned some very quick, very direct fighting stuff, which I loved. It was a good class . . .I'm glad I plucked up the courage to come inside instead of running back to my car and coming home to bed.


Antiquarian said...

the Woo-Shoo pinky hold! You know the worst part about that move is cleaning up *nods*

-Jo- said...