07 September 2010

Left Turn at Albuquerque

Aspiring Author is up one today. At Kempo class we did knife techniques. I'm pretty good at them if I know what's coming, but when Sensei says the others in the group can cut you however they want I kind of go all to pieces. I end up in pieces. Whatever. Good thing we didn't do the (washable) Crayola marker on the white uniform drill.

This evening, before Kempo class, I pulled out my novel. I looked at the printed copy and opened my notebook. I wrote down a few ideas and then turned the page on the notebook.

I guess I'm not quite ready for novel revisions, because I started to write another rhyming picture book. I got the idea a week or so ago, wrote down a few tidbits this weekend, and this afternoon I put pink pen to paper. It's not good. It's not even finished, but it was fun to write! I'm not sure how much I should put on a (gasp) public forum, but here is one verse I jotted down. Oh, the title would be something like “What if it was Winter?”

Instead of having ice cream
or those popsicles to eat,
there should be something warmer—
like hot cocoa for a treat!

Someday maybe I'll have mad, rhyming skills. Either way, it came out pretty easy and my brain feels a little better. There will be an honorable mention about socks, of course.

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