02 August 2010

Skulking at the Lowes

This afternoon I took my purchased lightsaber into my local Lowes store to see if they had anything I could pimp it out with. Unfortunately I went in without a plan, so I just stood around in the PVC pipe and plumbing section looking lost. I was glad that no one asked if I needed help (usually I get upset when no one helps the poor, lost, blond girl in the hardware store) because I didn't really want to explain that I wasn't there for a plumbing issue.

“No, sir, I'm here to see if I can make this,” Jo holds out her lightsaber hilt, temporarily blinding the poor man with the red LED light, “into this.” Jo waves the picture she printed off the web around in front of the Lowe's employee's face. “Can you help me with that?”

Somehow I can't see that going well. At least not with the older gentlemen who were perusing the plumbing section. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some progress made on it. So close to Celebration V!

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