11 August 2010

Getting to the Con

Today's happenings—honorable mentions:
Spotting the Celebration V goers on the plane and in the airport. (There's a geek! There's another one!)
Star Wars T-Shirts come with a wide variety of pictures on them . . . and geeks love to show them off!
The pilot of our plane said we had to buckle our safety belts as we went over Mississippi. No one could explain exactly why.
There is a difference between Baggage Claim A and Baggage Claim B at the Orlando airport.
While eating dinner with some of the people from the Alpine (Utah) garrison of the 501st we beset upon one side by the Mexican Garrison and the other by a Canadian Garrison. Coincidence?
My costume got to the con without incident—others were not so fortunate.
I'm in a room (and hotel) all by myself. Kind of lonely, but better, I think, than smelly boys. -)

The real fun begins tomorrow. There will be pictures.

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