11 July 2010

Subtle Differences

Tonight I went to a summer Halloween party. I love Halloween. I love dressing up in costumes. Although when I went to put on my chosen costume I had to discard wearing it because I was sweltering, and I don't mean I was a hottie. Had to go with the tourist “costume”. Very sad.

Anyway, this was my favorite part of the party.

Necromancer vs. Neck Romancing
Discuss . . .


Stacey said...

Huh. Playinig with the dead or playing with someone's neck. Tough call, although the neck may be less smelly (no guarantees though).

Antiquarian said...

Well if it is Snow White it's the same thing - really what kind of a guy stumbles upon a "dead" girl and decides to take her home and marry her? Read Snow Glass Apples to find out. Creepy!

And why is it you get invited to the costume party and I never did...Life is so not fair...Ah well, back to the 12 pounds of chocolate.