16 July 2010

Serious Credit Due

Apparently there is serious credit due to the thousands of people who worked on the Lord of the Rings films. A few friends and I watched Fellowship of the Ring tonight—I had no idea credits could go on for more then 20 minutes.

Speaking of LOTR, I was reading Orson Scott Card's Characters and Viewpoints book earlier this week and came across an interesting section. He talks about the four kinds of stories there are. One of them is the milieu story. He then goes on to explain that LOTR is a milieu story. The point of a milieu, as stated by Mr. Card, is thus:

Get a character to a setting that the story is about, and then devise reasons for her to move through the world of the story, showing the reader all of the interesting physical and social details of the milieu. When you show the reader everything you want them to see, bring the character home.

So LOTR is not about the characters? No, at least not entirely. I think that might be the reason I have a hard time reading the books. I like more depth to my characters and events. Pretty places are okay, but give me some action and I'm a much happier girl! Anyway, I thought it was interesting. Maybe the rest of the world knew this already. I do get behind a lot.

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