25 July 2010

Ninja Wannabe gets Annihilated

Poor Ninja Wannabe got toasted this week due to my schedule blowing up. She didn't even get a chance to fight for dominance as I only visited the dojo once. Pretty hard to come out on top with a 1 to 6 ratio. I mean, Ninja Wannabe is tough, and maybe she could take the odds . . . but not this week. Aspiring Author not only got her time in this week, I think she's ahead of schedule! (But don't say that aloud. Don't curse me, please.)

I know I had some stress going on this week, because when I opened the file last night for my novel and read the last page I was like, “What the heck? Why did I put that in there?” It was a good chapter-ending cliff hangar, but I have no idea where I was going with it. I wrote it less than 48 hours before, for crying out loud! No memory whatsoever. I'd blame the blond, and perhaps the, er, monthly cycle, but I know it was my Swiss cheesed brain. Could someone please fill in the holes for me?

This afternoon I took some time to plan to the end of my novel, and I found a pleasant surprise—I'm only a few big scenes from the end! My deadline is next Wednesday night. Hopefully I can get it finished. Keep in mind that this is a rough, rough draft. Rough like large grit sand paper. Rough like a gravel road in a station wagon. Rough like non-morning people before 9am. But in just over a week it will be a completed rough draft! I can fix that. Right now I'm at almost 58,000 words. I thought I'd get closer to 70,000 words, but not this round. There is plenty to add during round 2, so maybe I'll end up pretty close to my original estimate.

Oh, sorry, I'm rambling excitedly. I'll stop. For now. Maybe I'll go do a dance of joy—don't imagine it. The mental scars are not worth the moment of fleeting hilarity.

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