02 July 2010

Bratwurst and Green Lantern

What do these two things have in common? Nothing. Nothing except that they both had representation in my day today. No the real Green Lantern (how cool would that be?), but he was mentioned.

Green Lantern was brought up by a guy at my work. We have a big, open area for our office, so everyone hears everything you say over a whisper. This guy doesn't even know what an inside voice is, so we hear everything he says. I'm pretty good at tuning him out, but when I hear Superman and Spider Man, my geek kicks in and my ears perk up.

Apparently this guy thinks Spider Man is better than Superman, and Superman is #1 on some superhero list on the web. He read the whole list, and when he got to Green Lantern he was like, “who the h#*! is Green Lantern?”

Excuse me? I'm not that into comics, but even I know who Green Lantern is—power ring, green costume, Justice League . . . Hello! My inner ninja almost jumped up, ran over to the guy and slapped him up side the head. Don't talk about it if you have no idea what you're talking about.

I can ramble about all sorts of things I know nothing about because I'm blond. Most people can't get away with it.

Oh, the bratwurst? I BBQ-ed some for the first time tonight. A different guy at work told me to steam them in beer first. Uh, no. He also told me I should have some sauerkraut. Smells like vomit—no thank you. They were warm and had grill marks on them. I only bust one of them out of its skin. You live and you learn, right?

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Antiquarian said...

You should put a big picture of the GL up at work next week.
I would rather eat sauerkraut than bratwurst...but I love a good Rubin and I grew up with Krout & hot dog. *laugh* Crazy day though.