14 July 2010

Biggest Straw Ever!

Tonight, after work, a couple of friends and I decided to go and see a movie. Not normal for us on a “work night”, but we did it anyway. We went and saw The Sorcerers Apprentice, which wasn't nearly as bad as The Last Airbender but not quite as fun as Prince of Persia. I still have yet to see a movie I really love this summer. However, that's not what this post is about. More on the movie later.

After the movie we were thirsty. A few blocks down from the theater there was a Burger King. It was on our side of the road, so we pulled in. There were a few tantalizing items on the menu, but we both ended up with Oreo shakes. Good shakes for a fast food place, by the way, but my point was the straw . . .

This thing was HUGE! Normal straws are what, the size that you can suck a small pea through? In addition to being blue, these straws could easily move small grapes through them. I swear I got half a cookie stuck in it at one point. Blockage took on a whole new meaning as I was trying to get it out. At least the reward was worth the fight!


Stacey said...

So you liked Prince of Persia? I haven't seen it yet, but I'm not quite convinced that Jake Gyllenhall (yes, I'm sure I spelled that wrong) can pull off the role. Just seems wrong for some reason.

-Jo- said...

The Prince of Persia was different than I thought it was going to be. Maybe that's why I liked it. He did pretty well, and he's hot!